Rethinking Eating and Activity

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) contracted Flipside to develop a diabetes education portal with extensive tracking, data collection, and patient communication capabilities. UPMC was beginning a project called Rethinking Eating and Activity (REACT) to determine the difference in efficacy of video education delivered via a DVD versus web-based delivery. The Moodle framework was used for the web-based portion of this project to allow for rapid development. Flipside converted this Moodle framework to meet the unique needs of the project. Communication tools were developed to allow program managers to interact securely with project participants. At the portal, participants viewed educational content that had been extracted from the existing DVD and converted into a web-friendly format. Existing paper-based literature was reproduced and incorporated into the portal. A food and exercise logging and tracking application was built to allow participants to record their daily progress. Weekly interactive "to do" lists ensured that participants stayed focused on the prescribed tasks. All of the collected data was available to program managers in real time so they could monitor the participants' progress and intervene when appropriate. The results of this study were published in ADA Diabetes Care and presented at the 71st Scientific Sessions.