Chronicle Diabetes

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) the Diabetes Institute (UPDI) is one of the largest diabetes education programs in the nation, with dozens of education locations serving hundreds of patient each year. In order to manage, track, and report on this population, UPMC needed a single enterprise-level solution that meet the national American Diabetes Association (ADA) requirements. UPMC contracted Flipside to create a system built on Flipside's existing ScoreMD platform. Flipside worked with the experts at UPDI and also met with many UPMC diabetes educators to create the Chronicle Diabetes system. Based on national standards with a focus on quantifying the diabetes education process, Chronicle allows educators to manage their patient populations, track clinical, assessment and health history data, and create valuable population reports. Additionally, the UPMC program coordinator can manage and administer each of the sites in the program. The coordinator can also generate program-wide reports, which are required for maintaining their ADA recognition.

Recognizing the opportunity to offer this powerful tool to a national audience, UPMC worked with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to provide Chronicle as ADA's official diabetes self management education (DSME) system. Launched at the national ADA Scientific Sessions, Chronicle was adopted by hundreds of educators, quickly becoming the standard for ADA-recognized DSME programs.