Beats & Rhythm

After successfully creating a revolutionary device to allow physicians to collect patient heart sound and ECG recordings, Flipside next worked to adapt the technology into a device that would allow for continuous monitoring of patients’ heart rhythms. This new device was codenamed Beats & Rhythm, and it required a completely new mobile application and supporting backend and web applications. Once again, Flipside’s technical skill and domain knowledge allowed us to create the platform to support Beats & Rhythm as it was brought to market.

A primary function of Beats & Rhythm is to collect large volumes of patient data as it is streamed in from devices around the world. A mobile phone that the patient carries with them contains an app that collects and streams the data, and also allow the patient to indicate if they are having any symptoms (heart palpitations, shortness of breath, etc.). This streamed data needs to be processed and analyzed, and any arrhythmias or other abnormalities identified and logged. To accomplish this, Flipside designed a scalable, cloud-based system based on Amazon Web Services architecture. A web portal was created to allow doctors and medical technicians to review both the raw ECG data as well as the analysis. Digital calipers and flagging tools provide a way for users to measure various timings of the heartbeat and mark them for further analysis. A triage center is constantly updated with all arrhythmias that are discovered so that immediate action can be taken to review the associated patient recordings. Practice management tools were designed to allow customers to manage multiple practices, sites/location, and users (administrators, doctors, technicians, etc.). As with other Flipside products, all of the systems run in a secure environment following the requirements of HIPAA and HITECH.