AADE7 System

Flipside Media is the technical developer of AADE's AADE7 System diabetes management portal, which was built using Filpside's ScoreMD platform. We provide ongoing developmental services and technical support for AADE7 System. While AADE provides all AADE7 System users with day-to-day support for the system, there are some services that are outside the scope of AADE's support.

Flipside is able to assist you in the following areas on a fee-for-service basis:

  • Training webinars – AADE7 System contains a rich user manual and AADE provides screencast guides illustrating the use of the system. If your site desires additional training, Flipside can provide a private webcast training session.
  • Custom data importing – AADE7 System provides a robust data importing functionality that allows standard data that has been exported from other computer systems to be imported into AADE7 System. If your data importing needs cannot be accomplished using the built-in importing functionality, Flipside can discuss customized importing options.
  • Customized reporting and data exporting – AADE7 System provides a number of pre-built reports as well as a powerful dynamic report engine. If you require more specialized data reporting, Flipside can discuss creating customized reports. Additionally, we may be able to help you if you need to have your raw data exported into a specific format.

There are a few services that Flipside isn't able to provide, including:

  • Adding custom feature or functionality to AADE7 System – The version of AADE7 System that your site uses is the same version that all other sites use. Flipside isn't able to add features just for your site. If you have a feature request that you believe would be beneficial to all AADE7 System users, please contact AADE.
  • Integration with other electronic systems – Flipside is not able integrate AADE7 System with other electronic medical record (EMR), billing, or lab systems.

In addition to our work with AADE7 System, Flipside also provides contract-based software development of web-based applications, web sites, kiosk software, and online education. We can work with your organization on research projects, data collection or management initiatives, and grant-funded projects. Please visit our Portfolio page to see some of our recent projects.

If you'd like Flipside to contact you about your needs, call Brad at 412-492-9448 or email aade7@flipsidemedia.com.