Talking with Children About Sex

Dr. Aletha Akers of Magee-Womens Hospital contracted Flipside to create an educational program to help parents of teens talk to their children about sexual topics. The Talking with Children About Sex (TCAS) content was written by Dr. Akers and would be delivered to parents (or guardians) of teens while the teen was meeting with their primary care physician. Flipside created a web-based delivery platform to administer the program, which included a pre and post questionnaire for the parent as well as 15 minutes of animated educational material. Flipside worked with Dr. Akers to narrate the animated segments, and partnered with Nathan Mazur ( for the static graphics. All of the animations were created in Adobe After Effects. The program was delivered from wireless laptops in the doctor's office, and all data was collected centrally. Data from the study was submitted to the researchers on a regular basis.