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Flipside Media partnered with PHRQL to create Connect & Coach, an educational ecosystem based around delivering nutrition services in non-institutional settings, such as retail supermarket and independent offices. As the provisioning of healthcare services moves out of centralized hospital facilities and into the local communities, Flipside and PHRQL are supporting these service though the Connect & Coach system. Together Flipside and PHRQL created a software tool based on ScoreMD that incorporates the nutrition care process (NCP), an educational framework developed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Connect & Coach provides registered dietitians the tools to support a comprehensive education program, including the following features and functionality:

  • Integration with retailers' existing online enrolment and scheduling software, allowing patients to be seamlessly enrolled in the Connect & Coach system
  • Comprehensive online patient self-assessment (including contact, demographics, health and food history, and clinical data)
  • Customized reporting to meet insurer, reimbursement and billing requirements (including HCFA 1500 form generation)

In addition to the suite of features for the educator, Connect & Coach also includes a unique mobile application that allows patients to track their nutrition, exercise, and other relevant information. This information is automatically reported to the nutrition coach, where secure messaging allows for the educator to coach the patient to improved health.

The entire Connect & Coach system also has the ability to integrate with retail supermarket's point of sale data. Since many retailers gather POS data about customers through loyalty or rewards cards, this collected information can be mined in conjunction with the Connect & Coach to elucidate customer purchasing patterns. Retails can also use the wealth of collected data to send targeted promotions and coupons to customers.

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PHRQL Connect & Coach
PHRQL Connect & Coach