Flipside Media partnered with Teredesai, McCann & Associates, P.C. to form CKD Partners, a collaboration that created KidenyTIES (treatment, intervention and education system). KidneyTIES is an online tool for supporting all aspects of a chronic kidney disease (CKD) education program. Built on Flipside's ScoreMD platform, KidenyTIES allows nurse practitioners to manage patients in all stages of kidney failure, and ensure that they are in the best possible condition to begin dialysis. Patients are quickly imported into KidenyTIES from existing electronic medical records (EMR/EHR) system using HL7 and continuity of care documents (CCDs). The process for each patient's access placement is documented in a unique timeline, giving caregivers the information to ensure the patient is prepared to begin dialysis. Education is documented in the prescribed six sessions, using the educational frameworks defined by the National Kidney Foundation or customized to the user's program. A built in scheduling calendar coordinates all aspects of patient care. And detailed education reports are designed to meet the needs for submission to insurance providers for billing and reimbursement.

In addition to the practical functionality of the KidneyTIES system, CKD Partners worked with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to develop powerful analytics for nephrology programs. Based on the analysis from years of collected patient data, we created the Dialysis Scorecard™, an evaluative metric of a patient's readiness for dialysis. Additionally reports calculate the impact education has on the progression of each patient's disease, including whether or not education played a role in delaying the start of dialysis.

As a result of the cutting edge functionality of KidneyTIES, the product was awarded the American Society of Nephrology Innovators Place award for 2013.