Patient Registration System

The Department of Pediatrics at Ohio State University contracted Flipside to create touchscreen-based that can be used to collect patient registration information while in the waiting room. Working with Dr. Deena Chisolm, Flipside used its ScoreMD platform to create a tool that allowed novice computer users to use a touchscreen kiosk to:

  • Verify the demographic and billing information that was contained in the office's EHR
  • Answer health history questions
  • Complete a number of risk assessments, which were then scored
  • Complete a satisfaction survey

All of the information was gathered each time the patient came into the office, and the resulting reports were immediately generated and printed out for use by the office staff. A paper about the system was published by Dr. Chisolm et al., with the conclusion being that Flipside?s ScoreMD system was well accepted by both the patients and the staff, and showed potential for improving efficiency in clinical office settings.