Rijuven is the creator of CardioSleeve, a revolutionary medical device that allows for clinicians to acquire and analyze 3-Lead ECG and Digital Heart Sound at any point of care. When Rijuven was looking to create the software platform that would power their breakthrough device, they recognized Flipside’s experience in the telemedicine domain. Flipside worked with Rijuven to create an integrated system that seamlessly supports the device. The CardioSleeve device is able to a patient’s heart sounds and electrical signals, which are then sent via Bluetooth to a mobile phone. An app on the phone collects this information, and transmits the recordings, along with other medical information, up to the web application’s API. Here the signals are processed and analyzed, and any arrhythmias or other abnormalities are discovered. Powerful plotting software provides the physician with detailed rendering of the ECG tracings and a visualization of the heart sound. Detailed findings are provided back to the physician within seconds, allow diagnostic decisions to be made while with the patient. Large patient populations are supported by big data analytics, giving decision makers the information they need to support their patients using built-in practice and network management tools.

Rijuven serves an international audience, so the system was designed to be cloud-based. Physicians and care-givers from the city of New York to remote villages outside of Mumbai can use the CardioSleeve device and be confident the results will be accurate and their data will be secure. In order to allow for usage when the caregiver is not connected to the Internet (like when treating rural patients), an offline mode was developed. This allows multiple examinations to take place, and the data is transmitted with the mobile app is back online. As with other Flipside products, all of the systems run in a secure environment following the requirements of HIPAA and HITECH.