Connecting smartphones with electronic health records to facilitate behavioral goal monitoring in diabetes care

Dr. Jing Wang has an extensive history working with Flipside to improve the lives of diabetics. During her time at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Wang was part of the team that evaluated the Chronicle Diabetes system from an educator’s perspective. From this extensive research she published a paper in 2013 concluding that “Chronicle facilitates the education process and affords ease in documentation of meeting diabetes self-management education standards and recognition requirements”. After moving to the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Wang was awarded a prestigious grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation “Nurse Faculty Scholars” program. With this grant she contracted Flipside to develop and test an interface to connect smart-phone collected diet and physical activity self-monitoring information to Chronicle Diabetes. Specifically, a new Chronicle interface would be added that allowed patients who are wearing self-monitoring devices (e.g., Fitbits) to have their activity and nutrition information streamed into Chronicle where it would be available to their diabetes educator.

To meet the requirements of this randomized clinical trial, Flipside worked through a structured protocol to conceive, plan, design, build, deploy, and test powerful new Chronicle features. Initially, multiple discussion meetings were held with diabetes educators in both Pennsylvania and Texas to lay out the desired features for the system. From these extensive discussions wireframes and mockups were created and presented to the educators. Based on their additional feedback and guidance, two new interfaces were added to Chronicle to allow educators to view their patients’ collected activity and nutrition information. Trainings were conducted with the educators as the new features were deployed