Athlete & Volunteer Management System

The Special Olympics of PA (SOPA) contracted Flipside to create an online tool that can be used by SOPA administrators, coaches, volunteers, and athletes (collectively referred to as "delegates") to manage all of the data for these groups. An initial version of the SOPA Web Based Delegate Management Software (DMS) was launched in 2004 and adopted by all of the county-based SOPA programs. The DMS allows permission-based internet management of all delegates in a SO Program. It facilitates the effective organization of thousands of delegates information, positions, and requirements. Since its launch, Flipside has maintained and supported the DMS, while continuing to expand and improve the system to meet the evolving needs of all of the SOPA programs. As of 2010, there are over 50,000 delegate records in the system.

Some key features of the SOPA Web Based Delegate Management Software include:

  • Permission based access model
  • Secure, centralized data for thousands of users across the state
  • Customizable reports generated as printable html, PDF, or Excel format
  • Ad-hock data searching and reporting, with multiple pre-defined reports:
    • Delegate Report by Position
    • Certified Coaches Reports
    • Program Information Report
  • Mailing labels printable based on the results of delegate searches