National Diabetes Education Outcomes System (NDEOS) and AADE7 IMPACT

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) contracted Flipside to create an online tool that can be used by diabetes educators to gather, collect, manage, and report patient data. The National Diabetes Education Outcomes System (NDEOS) was built by Flipside and deployed to a number of UPMC offices in western and central Pennsylvania. It is currently in use by over 25 educators and over 2,000 patients. After the launch and operation of NDEOS, AADE contracted Flipside to create a new-generation diabetes management system for national use, dubbed AADE7 IMPACT. At AADE's 2006 national conference AADE7 IMPACT was launched to the national audience. After seeing the groundbreaking product, the keynote speaker Newt Gingrich (founder of the Center for Health Transformation) expressed the importance of the new AADE7 IMPACT as a tool educators can use to help reform the current health care system into what he termed as "a 21st century intelligent health system." Within the first year after launch 795 educators had signed up and over 3,000 patients were using AADE7 IMPACT.

Some key features of NDEOS and AADE7 IMPACT include:

  • A secure, password-protected web environment for use by patients, educators, and administrators that complies with HIPAA security and confidentiality requirements.
  • Advanced features and functionality that can accommodate all of the major web browsers on Windows/PC and Mac platforms, on both high-speed and dialup connections.
  • Advanced data sorting, viewing, querying, and reporting.
  • Daily secure data syncing and importing from AADE's private Windows-based database server.
  • Multiple user access levels, which allow for the defining of data access rights.
  • An easy to use system, with embedded tool tips and contextual help, ensures that even users with little computer experience can quickly learn to use the system.
  • Automated password resetting of lost passwords