Health E Control (HEC)

The InforMedx Group (a partner of Conemaugh Health System) contracted Flipside to create a diabetes screening and educational system to provide services to members of the surrounding high-risk, yet underserved, community. Utilizing the ScoreMD online screening platform and the TEACH:diabetes education videos, Flipside developed the Health E Control (HEC) system. HEC is a touchscreen-based kiosk system that delivers a short diabetes risk assessment (with printed results report) and also provides the user with a selection of diabetes education videos. This HEC system has a web-based architecture that allows multiple kiosks to connect via the internet to Flipside's central server that runs the ScoreMD/HEC system, allowing it to be centrally administered. The following year HEC was deployed with great fanfare on 13 kiosks around the Johnstown area, and to date over 6400 people have used the system.